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Dear Joanna,
I enjoyed your colourful website. Colours do change all shadows, birds flying cherish a nest, deflated balloons can yet adorn.
My best wishes,
Posted by JENS-PETER LINDE on 16 November 2013
Thank you Jens-Peter,
for your thoughtful kind words.
All good wishes,
Posted by Joanna McLeman Gisbey on 18 November 2013
Lovely, lovely work Jo!
and so lovely to meet you yesterday. Would love to see your work in the 'flesh' sometime. Inspiring to see, and gives me hope for a creative life after nappies.
all the best,
Posted by andrea D'Agostino on 09 June 2013
Thank you Andrea! It was so lovely to meet you too and your darling wee boy. Don't hassle yourself too much with the art/craft stuff - little bits all add up. Enjoy your lad. and see you again soon.
All the Best,
Joanna x
Posted by Joanna McLeman Gisbey on 09 June 2013
Spring Fling
I love the Ring I bought from you! Colourful and lovely to wear as a cocktail ring.
Thank you for giving me the small paper bowls.
If you ever come to Portpatrick please let me know beforehand and you can come for a Drink!
Posted by Inga-Britt Frostad on 30 May 2013
I am so glad Inga! Thank you for visiting during Spring Fling - and when I visit Portpatrick, I'll email you first! Thank you! J
Posted by Joanna McLeman Gisbey on 30 May 2013
Hi Joanna! Brilliant website!
Posted by IreneCarstairs on 12 December 2012
Thank you Irene! Good chatting to you today. x
Posted by Joanna McLeman Gisbey on 12 December 2012
Motherhood sculptures
Lovely work Joanna, be encouraged to produce more.x
Posted by Sylvia on 15 May 2012
Thank you Sylvia, I shall! x (I have quite a few more pieces of everything but you'll need to visit the studio to see them all) x J
Posted by on 15 May 2012
Posted on 18 April 2012
Jocolour Love
Posted on 17 April 2012
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