Colour motivates me into action and this is reflected in my paintings, collages and lively sculptural jewellery.


My terracotta sculptures are based on my experiences of Motherhood – of feeling fruitful and bean-pod-like. The gestures have been changing from “Carrying and Holding” to “Letting Go”. What started from the very personal has developed into a shared Universal experience. It has been quite amazing to share experiences with others about their thoughts and feelings about parenting.


The jewellery I make, is hand-cut from giant balloons or ultraviolet latex. They are big, colourful, joyful, lightweight pieces and great fun to wear.


The sculptures based on my experiences of Motherhood, have been greatly admired in my studio, and have provoked many deep conversations on the subjects of Motherhood; Fatherhood; Parenting; Birth; C.Sections; Mid-wifery; Post-natal depression; Fertility; Carrying one’s children into the world; letting go; having them return; Christ’s helping one in the world; Mother Mary’s helping one in the world (and I’m not even Catholic!); Grand-parenting; Looking after elderly and infirm parents; Death; Divorce, Relationships, Family – the WHOLE gamut of Life! And this is quite often with total strangers!


I am currently working on a series of “Fruit Pastels” which relates to my love of fruit, where I try to express the joy, juiciness and colours of fruit. I think fruit are wonderful expressions of colour in 3 dimensions; but it also links into being fruitful as an artist, and person in the world –using one’s talents and abilities and sharing them.


I have come to the conclusion that my work is about Sharing the Love.


Joanna McLeman 



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