Words on Motherhood:

My work on Motherhood, is about what was and is, happening within. It is not a dissection of womb to view embryo, nor sweet warm image of mother doting on child suckling at the breast. These are pieces exploring the experiences of becoming pregnant, how it felt carrying a child within one’s own womb and being, giving birth to that child, and being responsible for that child’s life and well-being; learning to carry, hold and gradually over the years, starting from birth, to let go, to allow that child to become a confident, capable independent, in the world.


I am not a voyeur: I am steeped in Maternity and all it enfolds. I have been overtaken, swamped, unconscious, cut, stretched, swollen, spaced-out, full of fear, full of awe, feeling like my top layer of skin had been peeled off ensuring that I was vulnerable and aware of my child’s every need. I have been overwhelmed, unable to cope, lonely, on my knees asking for Christ’s help. I have been sucked into agony. I have been amazed, filled with love and tenderness, unable to fathom how two such wonderful boys ever came to be carried within me, and live with me, to be given that privilege in this life. It is and has been truly incredible, and nobody could have explained any of it. It is deeply personal and wholly universal. Hallelujah! Amen.


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