Tartan Words Collage Lesson - cutting out the word WHEESHT!


Ocht! Jings! Bonnie Lassie!
Draw out your own tartan using oil pastels or coloured pencils.
Cut a long strip of tartan paper, then a small chunk to begin each letter. Hold your paper carefully, and cut into it carefully, little by little, to make each individual letter.
As ever, when cutting a curvy shape, hold it carefully, and keep turning it, not the scissors. Make your letters a decent size to hold, to make it easier to cut them.
Keep holding your letter carefully, and keep turning it to cut good curves. The letter S is one of the trickiest, so just go easy, take your time. Start with easier letters, to build up your confidence and skill. You can do it.
This is very tricky - cutting away the inside of the S letter. Just go easy.Hold the letter firmly, and cut carefully.
Just the last part of the S letter - trimming off the ends.
And there you go! One of the handiest words in the Scots vocabulary! Hee-hee!
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